11 Tips for getting the Most from Coaching.

  1. Be fully present. Your coaching time is just for you! This isn’t the time to fold laundry, surf the net or answer emails. Arrange to have a quiet space so you can be fully present.
  2. Be aware of your coach’s presence all the time. What you and your coach discuss during your sessions will resonate with you during the rest of the day, and for weeks, months and years to come. Enjoy knowing that the coaching partnership is unique in the sense that you can connect at any time by e-mail or a quick phone call in between scheduled sessions.
  3. Talk about what is most important to you during each session. Feel free to talk about anything including your needs, goals, and ideas that you have, something you are up against, and so on. You will sometimes find yourself discussing something completely different from “what” you originally hired a coach for. This is an indication that a comfortable and open relationship is developing.
  4. Create more space and time for yourself. Be willing to put some of your projects on hold and simplify your life a bit. This will create a space for growth.
  5. Be willing to look at things from a new perspective. You will more than likely get much more from coaching if you are willing to take a look at new concepts and try on new ways of thinking and being. You always have the final say, of course. But be open to new possibilities.
  6. Create an environment that supports you. Reaching your specific goals will be much easier when you are supported by, rather distracted by your home and working environment. Where and how you live are extremely important to your success and happiness. The people you choose to spend time with also greatly impact your life. Work with your coach on upgrading your daily lifestyle, environment and relationships.
  7. Reduce the stress in your life. By identifying and understanding and reducing frustrations from your life you will have more energy to focus on the positive changes you want.
  8. Live in the present. Become aware of how often you are “in the moment” with your thoughts and feelings. When you realize that you’re thinking about past or future happenings, bring yourself back to thinking only about what you are doing right now. Learn to find pleasure by living in the present and life will be far more enjoyable and relaxing. If you would like some suggestions or support with this just let you coach know.
  9. Become “selfish” without guilt. Not selfish as defined by the dictionary, but rather in the sense of investing in you, your personal development and life. Coaching is about you. If you haven’t already started putting yourself first, be willing to do so. Becoming selfish doesn’t mean having no consideration for others. Actually, the total opposite occurs. When you begin taking extremely good care of yourself, you’ll be better able to share your time and energy with others.
  10. Strengthen your personal foundation. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this part of your self development. If there is a “magic wand” for happiness, you hold it. The power begins with building a healthier, happier you from the inside out. The coaching partnership is perfect for strengthening “who” you are. Whatever you came to coaching to accomplish, getting your needs met and living a life that honors your values and personal standards is paramount.
  11. Have Fun. When it all seems too serious; have fun with it. You may not ever have time like this again to concentrate totally on you. Spoil yourself and find out who you truly are. Really enjoy this special time in your life!