As the new year unfolds, what is your intention for this year?

As the new year unfolds, what is your intention for this year?

I don’t necessarily prescribe to goals and achieving them at all costs, as life gets in the way and events out of our control can derail us. We run the risk of potentially judging ourselves for not achieving them, we feel let down and disappointed that we didn’t keep up to our promise and this can have a debilitating effect on our self-esteem and confidence.

I’ve given this some thought these holidays and I realised the high expectation that I put on myself to arrive at the end of the year of 2018 having achieved 3 amazing goals!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe that we can set a goal and achieve it if all goes smoothly to plan but what if it doesn’t. Then what?

The key here is to manage how we keep going and keep building on resilience, staying the course, without throwing our hands up or berating ourselves in the process.

You see, I set 3 powerful goals for myself, but the universe had other things in mind. And yes, I went kicking and screaming about when I could get on with them and I became very impatient and frustrated with the constant challenges presented to me.

As a coach, I have said that its all about the journey. Ha, I had to eat humble pie. After much reflection and deliberation, I have concluded that keeping the focus on the end game is important and, allow for the distractions that will steer you off course when you least expect it.

Be open to not only the learnings but the gifts that will be presented.

So …. When setting a new year resolution, I would like to call it a new year’s opportunity, for yes kicking goals, but more importantly for realising who you will need to become to secure these goals.

I already new that my greatest value is family.

Last year, I learnt that I needed to let go of control of the outcome, to be patient and to be more aware about how I needed to grow. I learnt what family means to me, with the birth of a beautiful granddaughter, I learnt how to let go of three members of our family with their passing. I learnt how to accept other people’s decisions and not to define myself by them or my expectations of them. I learnt to be supportive and create a bigger heart so that I could be more compassionate and self-determined.

So, while I didn’t achieve my ‘3 goals’, I learnt how to be a bigger open hearted, compassionate and generous person and let go of my ego so that eventually I can give more to my family, my clients and my vision for the future.

If you are ready to be totally committed to yourself so that, you can be successful, feel full of vitality, have meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, secure clarity regarding your direction, get that promotion and achieve financially then take the first step.

By now, most of you would have your goals in place. If, however you are starting to doubt or life is getting in the way, if lack of clarity or overwhelm is creeping in and you are doubting your ability to stay focused on your end game,  then call me on 0414535221 for a 20 min chat, or email me on