Harnessing the Power Within: The Transformative Influence of Confidence

Harnessing The Power Within The Transformative Influence Of Confidence

In the journey of life, confidence stands as a beacon, guiding individuals through challenges, fostering resilience, and unlocking opportunities. It’s a quality that permeates every aspect of human interaction, shaping not only personal accomplishments but also societal progress. From the boardrooms of multinational corporations to the stages of world-renowned theaters, confidence serves as the bedrock…

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable: Unlock Your True Comfort Zone

As a coach, I often work with individuals who are striving to achieve their personal and professional goals. One crucial element that can make a significant difference in the journey to success is holding yourself accountable. When you can stay committed to your goals and take responsibility for your actions, you’ll unlock your true comfort…

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Image Susan Book

Good news ! I am so excited ! My book is released! ‘Get into your True Comfort Zone’ how to give yourself permission to be you. I have officially released my book and I want to thank Sam Cawthorn, Kate Cawthorn  and Jodie Spiteri-James  of the Speakers Institute for their encouragement, expertise and support in making this journey so successful.…

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