Developing Managers

Developing Managers and Teams.

When you understand your capabilities and strengths then you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Management professionals believe that when an employee plays to his or her strengths it is easier to succeed, because this employee focuses on using what he or she does best.

Tinkering around with a multitude of responsibilities hinders one from achieving their best potential. But since success breeds confidence, it is very likely that you will also build upon your self-assurance if you play to your strengths.

Along with confidence, you also gain courage. Napoleon Hill once said, “Everyone enjoys doing the kind of work for which he is best suited.” Indeed, he is right. Aside from confidence and courage, an employee who is in the right job where he or she can apply his strengths is content and more likely to taste success.

This is what many managers tend to forget. In the corporate setting, your output is always the ultimate measurement of how good you are with your job. However, if you are doing something that you are not very good at, the job can become rather frustrating. If managers assign people to tasks they are good at and enjoy, these employees will be more productive and will eventually become valuable assets to the company.

But one questions remains, how does one play to one’s strength? It’s easier said than done but the first thing you should do is to make certain of the strengths you claim you have. Ask yourself. Make a list.

According to Gallup Organization, a big paradox of psychology is the fact that people respond to praise and remember criticism. Praise makes people work harder while criticism usually leads a person to just give up. Managers who help their team by working with and building up their strengths means that they will be helping them reach their highest potential.

If you do not know what you are good at, it is best to ask your trusted colleagues to review and give you a rundown of the things they think you are good at. Do you really have these strengths?

And more importantly, are you playing to your strengths?

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