Personal Performance Coaching to Help You Stay Focused,
Proactive and Effective

Reaching your goals or getting ahead in life and at work takes more than grit and gumption. It also takes strategy and support.  You can’t expect to reach the highest of heights on your own.

Ask most successful people if they have a coach or mentor and the answer will be a resounding Yes! to provide feedback, highlight blind spots, and encourage you to go beyond your own expectations and limitations.

There can be so many things to juggle at once, and most of us have fears, anxieties or insecurities that hold us back. That’s why I do what I do!

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I listen to your story at a deeper level and with powerful questioning work with what is underlying your doubt to accelerate you through to clarity and ultimate success.

It’s time to redefine success and assess how you are operating in your world. You can stop getting stuck in procrastination, anxiety, stress, fears, doubt and overwhelm; and wasting your energy being constantly exhausted with little return on investment.

If you’re currently looking for a coach to help you:

  • Navigate a transition in your work whilst maintaining peak performanceperhaps a business challenge thanks to COVID-19, a communication breakdown at the office, or a move to a new role. 
  • Operate at your peak – especially when your plate feels full to the brim with work and personal responsibilities.
  • Redefine your vision according to who you are and what you want from your life and career – so you can operate in alignment with that. 
  • Manage on the personal front while staying focused at work - perhaps you’re dealing with relationship problems, divorce, grief, “mum guilt” or loss, and worry about that affecting your performance at the office?
  • Reach your goals personally and professionally - whilst maintaining a healthy sense of well-being.

…we may be a winning partnership.

Book a discovery call to see if we are a fit.

Hello! I’m Susan Ingall. I’m a Personal Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker.

Approaching your life scenario with a sense of curiosity affords you the opportunity to be creative, and call on your courage to commit to following through on the promises you make to yourself… and I’m here to help.

Equipped with a counselling and psychology background, and a wealth of experience coaching over 400 clients to success so far – that’s 4,600 hours of coaching time – I will help you get clarity on your goals, reach them, and make sure you’re following through on what is true and right for you.

Susan Ingall


Unlike "regular" coaching, my coaching has a strong end goal. When we work together you will achieve THREE powerful goals of your choosing. 

Coaching can be deep or direct. We can focus on problem-solving, prioritisation, and accountability – or dive deeper into the layers of your beliefs and self-confidence. Every session is personally tailored to you..

The core aim of our time together will be to get you making progress faster than you thought possible, while staying aligned with what is true and right for you.

Right now, there are two ways to work with me

Invest In You® Goal-Setting Session

Setting goals that are aligned to your true motivation is the key to success and sustained momentum. But not everyone is clear on their goals, their values, or their priorities in life!

Sometimes we just need a sounding board to get clarity and get focused - and this is a session to do exactly that!   If you’re feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed and off-centre, or constantly flail around, this will help you get direction.

Once you’re clear on what your goals are, we can go on to work together to reach them...or you can head off and pursue them independently.

What you will experience: 

  • 1.5 hours Coaching Session to clarify 3 personal/professional goals (all intrinsically aligned with your motivation, leaving you fired up and driven to reach them).

Available: Face to face, Phone or zoom.

Book a discovery call to see if we are a fit.

One-On-One Coaching

Tailored to your individual needs. 

There is an end goal with these coaching sessions – you’ll achieve THREE powerful goals, each one supported and encouraged to completion.  I am known for my follow-through methodology!  No more falling at the first hurdle.

(Not clear on your three goals? Don’t worry, we’ll figure that out together, and make sure you’re always taking action on what is true and right for you.)

What you will experience:

  • Six to twelve 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • 60 minutes every session for feedback, problem-solving techniques, brainstorming, assistance with prioritising, and staying on purpose with your personal ambitions.
  • Assessments, exercises and reading recommendations for you to get clarity on your talents, values and next steps.
  • Homework and checklists to keep you moving forward and ensuring you stay empowered to hold yourself accountable to the end game.

Available: Face to face, Phone or zoom.

Book a discovery call to see if we are a fit.

Every single session is 100% confidential

We’d make a number-one partnership if ANY of the following are true:

  • You want a confidante, someone who has your best interest at heart and who will keep you accountable to who you are and what YOU want.
  • You want a reprieve, to get off the treadmill and to reassess where you are and to see if your life choices so far are working for you. You need clarity and direction. This can be a big part of our work together.
  • You want someone to call it as it is in a gentle way! and to ensure that you get lasting results this time.
  • You want to feel on top of your life…organised and on track so that you can go on that holiday or take some time off knowing that everything is okay!
  • You are determined to make a change NOW in your life — I am known for ensuring you follow through until you make that change or transformation happen! There are no excuses to hold you back or an ‘easy out’ when we work together.


We’ll jump on a Discovery Call to make sure we’re a good fit.
If you have any burning questions, please do email me – I’m here and happy to help.


Susan’s message is both unique and inspiring. Most of us are told to get out of your comfort zone, but Susan says to get into your true comfort zone, and this causes you to think about how you are really living your life.  Her message challenges your thinking and stays with you long after her presentation. She realigns you to what really matters in your…

Guy Glenny Rotary Club of Sydney Cove

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Susan possesses an obvious passion for her work, which enhanced the experience of ‘painting the picture of my life’ and subsequently developing empowering personal goals.  I was able to get real clarity and identify my priorities. Susan’s creative, direct and compassionate approach ensured that value was received.

K.L. Graduate of BA Business Marketing and International Business Major

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All I can say is WOW! Susan is an out of the box thinker, strategic and most importantly very empathetic. A winning combination. The changes and progress I have seen in myself – professionally and personally (unexpected) – in such a short time, I completely credit to Susan’s coaching ability. The best investment I have made in the last 12 months I would happily refer…

G J Accredited Family Law Specialist

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I found Susan’s coaching to be sharp. She kept me focused on the goals I had set. Susan is personable and demonstrates high integrity. I can recommend Susan as someone you can trust with your life’s direction. Enjoy the journey!

Wayne Donnelly

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Susan has helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life and has turned my life around in only a short period of time. She encouraged me to value and stretch myself beyond what I thought was possible. I would highly recommend Susan to any individual, business or company.

P C. Business Owner Insync2Design

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Susan is a dedicated professional with a real passion to help develop and bring out the best in her clients. With her energetic approach to coaching, Susan has a talent to challenge your norm and help you recognize your potential.

K S Director, Heelstone

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