Are you stuck in procrastination, anxiety, stress, fear, doubt and overwhelm?

My coaching methodology is all about you ‘following through’ on the promise you make to yourself. You will choose and achieve 3 powerful and meaningful goals to make the change NOW in your life.

What you can expect in our sessions


COMPASSION the cornerstone of
success- acceptance,
forgiveness and the ability
to walk in another’s shoes


AUTHENTICITY integral to self-leadership-
being centred and aligned
with natural talents, values
and life purpose


RESILIENCE the ability to stay
the course- focused,
fierce and flexible to
weather the storms.


ENERGY MANAGEMENT vital to your ultimate
health, well-being and success
incorporating the physical,
spiritual, emotional, and
mental dimensions.


One-On-One Coaching

Tailored to your individual needs. 

There is an end goal with these coaching sessions – you’ll achieve THREE powerful goals, each one supported and encouraged to completion.  I am known for my follow-through methodology!  No more falling at the first hurdle.

Instinctive Drives Assessment

We all have talents that is, a natural way of being and a natural way doing things that works best for us. When able to do things ‘our way,’ we achieve better results, reach our goals faster, and minimize our stress and frustration. As a result, we find our relationships more rewarding, productive, and fun - and we get to experience greater and more consistent levels of energy, motivation, confidence, and health and well-being.

About Me

Susan Ingall

Susan Ingall is a highly regarded keynote speaker, thought leader and professional executive performance coach.

Personal and work challenges, life and career transition, leadership development, emotional intelligence and partnering with her clients to maintain peak performance whilst they transition are central features of her coaching engagements.

She has over 20 years’ experience in training and counselling and has coached over 380 clients and teams to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. Her engagements have included Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, The Royal Australian Navy Women in Business Program and Bayer Agriculture and professional services, to name a few.

Her engaging, non-confronting, yet astute and insightful nature supports individuals to achieve their outcomes. She provides clarity and empowers them to maximise their potential so that they achieve beyond their own expectations. With her commitment to accountability she ensures individuals stay focused, proactive and effective. Susan is passionate about motivating her clients in the areas of well-being and performance and is totally committed to their success.

Available Now

Susan’s debut book ‘Get into your True Comfort Zone’ challenges your perspective on what it means to be in your comfort zone.

Based on research, life experiences and client studies, Susan has disrupted the meaning of ‘comfort zone’ and outlines a 5-step formula so you can succeed on your terms.

Rather than get out of your comfort zone we challenge you to get into your True Comfort Zone where you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Get Into Your True Comfort Zone Book

What Our Clients Say

Accountant Sydney

Susan was thorough and provided detailed written guidance on how to go about dealing with some complex interpersonal issues and conflicts. I really appreciate the assistance rendered during the sessions and have no hesitation in recommending Susan to anyone that requires the expertise of an experienced and reliable executive coach.
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Philip Edmonds

I benefited from being able to unload my unresolved challenges, concerns and insecurities to Susan and to have her analyse my concerns and prioritise courses of action and facilitate solutions to various issues.
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Rob McFadden

Susan is an excellent coach and mentor. She has worked with me for over three months to define clear goals and strategies for my business. I now have a clear picture of where I am going, and I am now supremely focused on growing and improving my business.
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Are you struggling, overwhelmed and filled with self-doubt?

Access my 5 step process to assist you to re-focus for 2024.