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You’ve been in heads-down work mode for as long as you can remember, hustling hard to succeed. But lately things have changed.

You’re feeling exhausted. Your health is suffering. You’ve no family and relationship time, let alone time to take care of yourself.  If you’re anything like my clients, you’ve caught yourself wondering, “How on earth did I arrive here?!” more than a few times.

You don’t want to throw in the towel completely - but you do want to clarify where you’re going, if this is really what you want, and how to get back on track.

Or perhaps you’re not burnt out, but you’re looking ahead to a new stage at work in life? A business launch, a career change, an exciting promotion, a new role.

You’re excited to take on the challenge - but at the same time, you’re doubtful that you can manage it.  Can you really excel and stay on top of everything while making this big change? Can you really follow through on the promises you make to yourself?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Susan Ingall, a Sydney-based Personal Performance Coach for Executives and Entrepreneurs, Author and Professional Speaker, who loves nothing more than seeing my clients achieve more than they thought possible.

Armed with a 20-year background in peak performance, psychology, and counselling, I help my clients navigate change, maintain their performance during transition or trying times, gain clarity on their direction, and get results.

Susan Ingall
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My work goes deeper than just getting great outcomes.

I believe that what most of us desire is to get into our true comfort zone – that place where you honour your natural talents, are in the full expression of who you are, and feel aligned to your higher purpose.

THIS is at the heart of my book, my course, my speaking, and my coaching.

Yes, I partner with my clients to overcome adversity, get results, and stay true to the endgame with a ‘dog-with-a-bone’ accountability approach.

But I also make sure that they are honouring what is true and right for them - so that they operate from their true comfort zone and feel happy, free and fulfilled at work and home.

Achieving success on your own terms is the greatest of satisfaction to my clients and I extend this to you as well.

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I Believe:

  • Setting goals that are aligned with your true motivations helps you go further, faster.
  • Progress requires discipline. I developed professional ballet dancers for 10 years and I instil that same discipline in my clients. (What progress doesn’t require is perfection, so there’s no pressure for that when you work with me.)
  • The greatest regret in life is to experience unrealised potential.You are your best investment. Any time, effort, or money you invest in yourself and your progress will pay dividends in the long run.
  • Success is always best on your own terms.

On A Personal Note:

  • It is tough to choose what I admire most about my clients…but if pressed, I would say it’s their courage and vulnerability, their willingness to find meaning in life, and their determination to honour themselves as they achieve success on their terms.
  • When I’m not working with clients or spending time with family, you’ll find me walking or swimming in the ocean at one of Sydney’s stunning beaches, reading a good book, meditating, shopping, and indulging in wine and pasta nights with friends.
  • My, and my family’s, health and happiness is paramount to my definition of success. More than anything, I strive to show my children what’s possible when you commit to and stay true to yourself.

Want an expert coach + accountability partner in your corner?

Here’s how we can work together:

Performance Coaching

Want dedicated coaching support and accountability to help you get on track and get great outcomes at work, in business, and at home?

“Find Your True Comfort Zone”

Identify your values, talents and true motivations, so you can be in complete alignment personally and professionally.


Susan Ingall is an Executive Performance Coach with over 20 years’ experience  in training and then coaching over 400 clients.(and 4,600 hours).

Her engagements include Bayer Agricultural, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, The Royal Australian Navy, Managing Directors and CEO’s as well as professional services. She was recently nominated for the Telstra Women’s Business Award for courage, leadership and creativity.

Starting her career as a classical ballerina performing at Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House, Susan then moved into training ballerinas in this highly disciplined art – and continues to use her understanding of peak performance to great effect in the corporate world, helping her executive clients to achieve excellence.

Personal and work challenges, leadership development, and partnering with her clients to maintain their performance amidst change or transition are central features of her coaching.

In 2020, she authored ‘Get in your True Comfort Zone’ – an inspiring guide to leveraging your talents and honouring your values to find full expression and fulfilment in life and work. Because in her view, unrealised potential is the greatest of regrets in life.

Susan Ingall


Level 3 Executive Coaching and Leadership at the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Sydney. 2013

Certified Life, Team, Executive Coach with Results Coaching Systems. 2003


Graduate Diploma Counselling with Australia College of Applied Psychology. 2001

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