Do You Know What Drives You?

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Welcome everyone to 2021,

By now I imagine that you are all up and running and succeeding in your life and business. Or are you?

At this time of year, we can all start to wax and wane about our goals that we have set, about the intentions we had and start to feel doubtful or demotivated.

That is where I come in!

This time of year is when we may need to have an injection of clarity, self-confidence and certainty so that we stay motivated.

My question for you is:

Do you know what drives you? What really drives you?

Do you wonder why others are succeeding easily? Maybe you are still marking time and waiting…?

Do you get flustered or go blank when you are put on the spot?


I have coached over 450 clients and most of them say that when they get stressed, they do not perform as well as they could especially in high pressure environments.


There is stress that can be effective for you and stress that can be detrimental.

I was once put on the spot in a high-pressure environment and my mind went blank.

As much as I wanted to answer the question I just could not think.

I felt my hands go hot, my shoulders tensing, and my heart was racing. These were all normal signs of being stressed.

Knowing how to manage stress is important for all of us, but if it goes on for any length of time it can be detrimental to our health.

Knowing how you are driven, what triggers you and what your easily warning signs of stress are, really helps you stay in charge and on point.

Awareness is the first step.

Firstly, being aware of who you are, how you are driven and how you respond in each circumstance is the first step to maintaining peak performance and succeeding in life, career, health and relationships.

Secondly, being aware of what you are thinking means that you can catch yourself and re-frame your thoughts. This allows you to be able to apply strategies to help you reclaim your centre and perform at your best.

If you are feeling in a lull, stop wasting time. effort and money on solutions that are just not working for you!

My offer today:

If you would like to know what drives you to succeed, then email me

Or book a call to discuss how to identify what drives you, so that you can manage your stress effectively and operate at your best.

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Stay safe and well in 2021!

Invest in you! Get into your True Comfort Zone.