Re-ignite Your Vision for 2021.

Welcome everyone to the final part of my 5- part series on how to re-energise for 2021.

In our last 2 segments you learnt a few tips on how to rejuvenate so that you were fresh to re-focus and now it is time to re-ignite your vision for 2021.

This is where you visualise what you really want. I have used visualisation as a former artistic director of a classical ballet school training students to elite level and many times with my clients and in my own life and it works!

In this video, I have included 7 tips on how to re-ignite your vision for 2021.

I have posed some questions for you. Think about these real considerations as answering these questions with confidence and certainty is what will ensure that you follow through on your promise to yourself.

Jot down your answers and refer to them each day, so that you can support yourself when you start to lose momentum. I look forward to hearing of your continued success in 2021.

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