Time to refocus.

Welcome everyone to the fourth of my 5- part of my series on how to re-energise for 2021.

Have you ever lost your focus and found that you were overwhelmed, and you just couldn’t see clearly what needed to be done next?

I have noticed that some of my clients when expecting a lot of themselves end up becoming distracted and unproductive.

This internal pressure we put on ourselves can cause us to enter a state of anxiety and when it becomes too much, we enter the danger zone and our performance declines. Experiencing too much anxiety can cause us to lose our focus.

In this video, I have included 5 tips on how you can regain your focus so that you stay ‘on pointe’ and in peak performance.

Jot them down and refer to them each day until it becomes a habit, so that you can support yourself when you start to feel the early warning signs coming on.

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