Are you ready yet?

  • I’m too busy
  • I need to get on top of things before I start with you
  • I can’t fit in the extra time

These are the excuses that I hear when a potential client calls to start working with me.   They know what they have to do but they say they are not ready yet. When I was wondering if I could do a coaching series a few years ago, I said to myself but….. I’m not ready! But, you know what, I knew the answer really. I knew that I’d never really be ready. So, I just did it!

What does this state of ‘readiness’ look like?

If you think it is when you have things sorted, if you think it’s when you have time to transition a staff member into a new role, if you think it’s when you can make an hour available in your fortnight, if these are the things that need to be in place before you hire me then you’ve got it all wrong.You see, you will rarely be ready because if you were ‘ready’ then chances are you wouldn’t need my services.

A coach is hired to assist you to identify where you are now and what needs to be in place to have you accomplish and succeed in your endeavours.

We assist you to problem solve, to analyse, to take an aerial view on your scenario, to look at options, to develop strategies and to put in action plans that will work for you and only you. We assist you to manage doubt, to build your confidence, to stay focussed so you can achieve so much more. Just like a sports coach we encourage you to go that one step further and go for it!

One of my coaching colleagues worked with a finance company and in the first session he was able to identify a significant amount of waste costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When a coach can do this for you and assist you to manage, measure and maintain engagement in your organisation then I ask you to consider ‘are you ready yet’?
And if not then, when will you be ready?

What needs to be in place for you to be ready? Or are you afraid to take charge and get on with it.

If the answer to the question is NOW then I urge you to waste not a moment longer.
Email me on or call on my mob: 0414535221 and let’s get on with it.

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