The Value of Reassessing 2021

Welcome everyone to the second of my 5- part of my series on how to re-energise for 2021.

Today’s video segment is about the ‘value of reassessing.’

Most of us go through life stuck on a treadmill never really taking time to hop off, to evaluate where we are, or to see how far we have come and whether we are on track with staying true to ourselves.

This year of Covid 19 for some has literally been about survival. It is all the more reason to take the time to take stock of what did work well for you and what, if anything got in the way of you achieving your goals.

Give yourself time to consider how you could do things differently and develop strategies to support yourself personally and professionally to achieve your ambitions for 2021.

In this video (3.02 min) I have outlined some tips to assist you in going a little deeper in your thinking and to value how far you have come during this challenging time.

My name is Susan Ingall, and I am an executive performance coach, author, and speaker.

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