What are you focusing on now?

Every day we are being distracted constantly away from what we want or need to be doing.

As a performance coach, I take my clients through a process to get clear about what they really want and what really drives them. I am amazed at how many individuals do not know or do not take the time to identify this. They get on a treadmill or on automatic pilot bouncing through their day doing what others expect from them without ever really stopping to take stock of their life.

Most say, ‘I don’t know what I want’ ‘I’ve never been asked this?’ ‘How could I have this?’ Some immediately fall into self-doubt whilst others ponder ‘can I actually have what I want?’

When you focus on what you want with a laser beam focus then you will begin to see it all around you.

Have you ever focused on the red car that you wanted to buy and found that for the next week that is all you saw? Well, it is the same for anything in our lives.

Just for today let us look at the power of one.

  • Set your intention – to complete one major thing.
  • Clear the distractions- turn your mobile off for one
  • Commit to finishing that one thing!

What you focus on you will get more of so be careful……. make sure it is what you want!

What are you focusing on NOW?