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How to Refocus for 2020.

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Welcome everyone to the fourth of my 5- part of my series on how to re-energise for 2020. Have you ever lost your focus and found that you were overwhelmed, and you just couldn’t see clearly what needed to be done next? I have noticed that some of my clients when expecting a lot of themselves end…

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The Value of Reassessing

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Welcome everyone to the second part of my 5- part series on how to re-energise for 2020 My name is Susan Ingall and I am a performance coach, speaker and author. Today’s video segment is about the ‘value of reassessing’ and I’ve outlined some tips to assist you in going a little deeper in your…

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11 Tips for getting the Most from Coaching.

11 Tips

Be fully present. Your coaching time is just for you! This isn’t the time to fold laundry, surf the net or answer emails. Arrange to have a quiet space so you can be fully present. Be aware of your coach’s presence all the time. What you and your coach discuss during your sessions will resonate…

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