The Art of Accountability

Accountability is the key to success.

Are you able to hold yourself accountable to achieving your actions?


1. Do you have a to- do list one mile long?

2. Have some of the items been there for days or weeks or even years?

3. Do you feel on top of your days’ work by 5pm?

4. Do you make excuses; avoid behaviors that will have you get actions done?

5. Do you do what you say you will do? Perhaps let others down?

The Business Dictionary definition of accountability is:

” the obligation of an individual or organisation, to account for its activities, except responsibility for them and to disclose them in a transparent manner.”

Holding yourself accountable as a business owner, manager and/or leader can be quite a challenge as in most cases you have no one to report to. After years of experience as a coach, I was looking for an online accountable ability platform as I saw this as a huge need to complete the coaching process. Often in a session, the client will commit to doing an action and the minute he or she  walks out of the door they have other demands that want their attention. The challenge is to keep the client on track and focused on what they need to do in the big picture.

I enlisted the Igoals9 platform created by George Barbas. He too saw the need to ensure accountability and to be able to evidence performance and ultimately productivity.

What sets this platform apart from others is that it measures mindset. When working with a client, I work with their business strategy and their personal development. It provides a complete picture of the client’s performance and wellness as well as providing immediacy if there are any concerns.

This platform works on the basis of unconditional positive regard and continuous improvement. One of my clients achieved 100 actions over a 90-day period. This can be evidenced and assists in identifying procrastination and unhelpful habits that can creep in.

Email if you would like further information on how to invest in you and take charge of your life.