My Background

My Background – Classical Ballet

As some of you may know, earlier in my career I was the Artistic Director of a large dance school coached over 200 classical ballet students up to elite level.

The skills I learnt as a classical dancer and teacher has served me in my life and career.

When you watch a ballet performance you see beauty, effortlessness and excellence. That exquisite performance is a result of a vision, choreography, collaboration, discipline, teamwork, focus, creativity, endurance, intelligence and enormous effort.

Rudolf Nureyev was an outstanding Russian male dancer. His performance was perfection. It was noted that if he made the slightest lack of precision in his performance that he would drill his technique 100 times until he was satisfied that it wouldn’t happen again.

Imagine if we lived our lives and careers with that degree of excellence?

7 Things Ballet Can Teach Us About Work

• Listen intently.
• Take small steps
• Collaborate face to face
• Smile through it
• Show some leg
• Lend a hand, take an outstretched one.
• Stay active, keep moving.

As an executive coach, I believe that one needs to “Lead with your heart while keeping your eyes focused on the end game.”

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