Mindset Strength

What do great leaders have in common? Strength of Mind

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it” Unknown

Strength of Mind- Just as important if not more important than physical strength.

Tenacity, optimism, staying on course, focused, centered, mindful, ability to make the hard decisions and to action what needs to be done! Being authentic, self- aware and emotionally intelligent. These are the qualities required for great leadership. This is what you need to succeed.

Sometimes we derail; perhaps something occurs out of left field, something we didn’t expect or cannot influence or control.

Accept, Accept, And Accept.

Deal with what is happening right now!

This is what great leaders with mental strength don’t do as per the Forbes website compiled by Amy Morin.

Great leaders DON’T

  1. Waste time feeling sorry for themselves
  2. Give away their power
  3. Shy away from change
  4. Waste energy on things they can’t change
  5. Worry about pleasing others
  6. Fear taking calculated risks
  7. Dwell on the past
  8. Make the same mistakes over and over
  9. Resent other peoples success
  10. Give up after failure
  11. Fear alone time
  12. Feel the world owes them a living
  13. Expect immediate results

(list compiled by Forbes.com)

One of my clients, being professionally very successful, experienced enormous personal change. Anxious to keep his career on track he sourced me as his coach. He needed to have a sounding board, constructive feedback, to be reminded of his successes and to identify the best course of action and to hold him accountable to stay on track with his vision.

Rather than be defeated, he realised he needed support to get through a rocky time. To his credit he stayed committed to the process, actioned his strategies and is now very successful with some great learning’s on board.

Strength of Mind doesn’t come from what you can do.

It comes from overcoming what you thought you couldn’t.

To be coached doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it’s not that you are incapable it is that you are more capable than you think and you need support, to be empowered to achieve what you know is possible.


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