Personal Planning

Have you achieved all that you set your mind to or did distractions and ‘life’ get in the way again?

It happens to all of us but there are ways to keep you focused on achieving your success.

  • Learn from your experiences and click the reset button for the remaining half of the year!
  • Reset your goal and make sure you action your plan as promptly and effectively as you can.
  • Focus on and do what will give you the most leverage each day. Do not get caught up in the minutia.

One of my clients was berating himself because he ‘allowed the distractions to derail him’ from his business outcomes. He dropped his bundle because it wasn’t going ‘according to plan!’

Once he let go of this expectation he freed himself to get on with what was necessary. It’s how you deal with the thoughts that make you a winner.

When creating a plan we imagine a scenario where everything goes really well, we underestimate the likelihood of things that could impact the outcome and we rarely allow for ‘time out’ e.g. Illness, lack of drive and unexpected delays.

Rarely is the journey in a straight line; sometimes we do need to deal with ‘stuff’.  Take time to just notice this. This is when we need to have strength of mind, energy and self-belief to get back up and running again.

Resilience is needed to handle what is thrown at you. Being flexible and centered in challenging moments can save your skin. Your ability to adjust your tactics and strategy will assist you to survive when the going gets tough.

The magic happens when you take some time out to re calibrate your thinking, jump back on board, hit the ground running ending the year with a flying finish!

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