Time Management

‘When it gets difficult is often right before you succeed’ Chris Garrett.

As a business owner do you find yourself juggling too many balls in the air at one time?

Are there times when you are spreading yourself way too thin?

Do you find yourself working in the business rather than having time to work on the business?

One of my clients was a successful business owner and very capable. He had reached a point where he wanted to scale up his business and he needed support to manage both himself and his staff in this process.

I asked him ‘what are you tolerating right now’?

His response was ‘I’m just not disciplined with getting everything done’. He was judging himself quite harshly.

Did you know that quite often ‘It’s not a lack of discipline but a lack of focus!

He was in overwhelm and consequently his staff were becoming disengaged.

Once he started coaching with me he allocated one hour per week to focus on what he needed to do for himself and his business.

During this time he kept his eye on the end game, regrouping, developing great habits, prioritizing, ticking off, and most of all staying focused on what he needed to do.

His challenge was to let go and allow others to help him.

The clients I coach are ambitious, successful people and are willing to take on a coach to go to the next level of their career.

He reclaimed his life balance, his health and was able to take charge of his business and ‘breathe’ again.

If you would like a focus session email susan@investinyou.com.au so you can focus and succeed.