Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching is a serious business as people want clarity, structure, collaboration and accountability.

Coaching impacts every part of your life. By creating a structure for one area of your life it empowers you to achieve at an optimal level in other areas of your life. It is about personal development ‘soft skills’ which companies are now understanding and valuing as an important part of business success.

A professional coach can uncover obstacles that keep you from flourishing. They assist you to identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking, and to develop a plan to address and overcome any behavior holding you back from fulfilling your potential.
Typical examples might be: to gain confidence for a promotion, to do a presentation effectively, to manage a team positively and proactively.

A professional coach is a member of the ICF and agrees to abide by the ICF code of Ethics.

As an Executive Coach with Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership I have coached over 300 clients.
Most of my clients are ambitious, successful and high performers. They just need a sounding board to optimize their business and gain a healthy perspective regarding life balance and wellness.

CEO’s and managers are ‘alone at the top’ and that’s when it’s difficult to get professional feedback and ongoing support. A coach offers that objective and independent support and challenges you to create a clear perspective and the best way forward.

Psychological profiling is one way to gain a different perspective and taking part in the values assessment clarifies what you are aligned to, assisting you with long-term fulfillment.

Click here for my values questionnaire to assess where you are right now.

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