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Do You Know What Drives You?

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Welcome everyone to 2021, By now I imagine that you are all up and running and succeeding in your life and business. Or are you? At this time of year, we can all start to wax and wane about our goals that we have set, about the intentions we had and start to feel doubtful or…

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New Year, New Challenge, New Idea

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Are you comfortable? I mean really comfortable. You may well ask what is Susan going on about? Most of us believe that in order to succeed that we need to get out of our comfort zone, but I beg to differ! There is another way… I am excited to announce that I have released my…

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Re-ignite Your Vision for 2021.

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Welcome everyone to the final part of my 5- part series on how to re-energise for 2021. In our last 2 segments you learnt a few tips on how to rejuvenate so that you were fresh to re-focus and now it is time to re-ignite your vision for 2021. This is where you visualise what…

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Time to refocus.

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Welcome everyone to the fourth of my 5- part of my series on how to re-energise for 2021. Have you ever lost your focus and found that you were overwhelmed, and you just couldn’t see clearly what needed to be done next? I have noticed that some of my clients when expecting a lot of…

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The Importance of Rejuvenation.

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This is the third part of my 5- part series on how to re-energise for 2021. Do you take time to rejuvenate? Most of us know how important rejuvenation is but we tend to put it second. In today’s world, and with so many ongoing demands we need to consciously fill our cup up as…

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Five-part series to Reignite for 2021


1. The Power of Reflection. Learn 5 tips on how to reflect effectively on the year of 2020 and gain clarity so that you can move forward in 2021. In this video I Introduce my book “Get into your True Comfort Zone” where you can identify if being in your comfort zone is working for…

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Good news ! I am so excited ! My book is released! ‘Get into your True Comfort Zone’ how to give yourself permission to be you. I have officially released my book and I want to thank Sam Cawthorn, Kate Cawthorn  and Jodie Spiteri-James  of the Speakers Institute for their encouragement, expertise and support in making this journey so successful.…

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